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All of our entries have been received! We’re working on narrowing down and contacting our TWELVE FINALISTS!

In the meantime, come out to Black Diamond Harley-Davidson every Saturday and listen to our finalists from noon-1pm each week!  Rock 105 TAO will broadcast live each week from 11a-1p!

Below is the performance schedule (all bands are on stage noon-1p for judging):
Saturday, May 4: The Dark Comets
Saturday, May 11: Josh Holland Band
Saturday, May 18: EverFelt
Saturday, May 25: The Timeliners
Saturday, June 1: Haas Holiday
Saturday, June 8: Beware the Poster Kids
Saturday, June 15: On All Sides
Saturday, June 22: Sturg & Friends
Saturday, June 29: Engine Huey
Saturday, July 6: We’re taking this Saturday off, yo! Dealership will be open but no performance that week.
Saturday, July 13: Cause of Ruin
Saturday, July 20: Violet Soul
Saturday, July 27: Be Good Elliot


Did you enter the contest and still have questions? Here they are…

Q: As I figured, our band is the best and we’re now a finalist. Now what?

A: Do you have a big following? Great! Make sure to promote yourself on your own socials! Your vibe and your crowd size are important!

Q: Okay, so what all is provided for us?

A: You’ll need all of your own sound equipment. We’re providing the platform and only the platform (and electricity). The rest is up to you! Show everyone “what you’re made of.”

Q: Wait. What do you mean we have to bring our own sound system/gear?

A: Yes. All finalists will be responsible for their own sound on the BDHD dates (May 4 through July 27). Don’t worry! If you’re the grand prize winner, it’ll be plug and play on your stage at Mtn Dew Park on Friday, September 13!

Q: What if we aren’t available on any of those Saturdays?

A: Unfortunately, you have to be available. We have dates to fill, but we need you to be available.

Q: What time will be take the stage on our selected Saturday?

A: If you’re selected as a finalist, you’ll take the stage from noon until 1:00 pm CT for judging. If you go over, that’s all you, buddy. We won’t run you off until closing time or beer thirty (Beer:30) whichever comes first.

Q: Sweet! We know we earned one of these gigs. What’s it pay?

A: We don’t mean to sound like one of those “you’re getting paid in experience types” buttttttt…. There isn’t a cash prize. This is an OPPORTUNITY. Not only will you get to play a show at Black Diamond Harley-Davidson but you could just earn a shot to play the same night in the same venue as Soul Asylum and Stone Temple Pilots.

Q: You’re judging us on crowd size??? We bring a good crowd, but what if it rains during OUR show?

A: We can’t control the weather, but that’s why size ain’t everything. If you have a good vibe and are great performers that’ll speak for itself. That’s why we’re grading on crowd size, why we have judges, and why contest management knows a good act when they see one. Don’t sweat that. Just be available all of those Saturdays plus Friday, September 13, and tell your cousin’s girlfriend’s little sister’s BFFs to be there too. Also, all stations will be running promos promoting your show at BDHD–so you’ll have some marketing help. Don’t worry about that.

Q: Dang it! We aren’t available ANY of those dates, but are available for the big show. What now?

A: We have tickets available! Come join us for the show(s) and see two great acts in Soul Asylum and Stone Temple Pilots from Mtn Dew Park on Friday, September 13, 2024, at 7:00 pm CT. Get your tickets here!

Q: Wait. Does this mean we have to buy tickets to participate?

A: Nooooooooooo. Not at all, but we aren’t going to miss an opportunity to sell tickets. This is where the serious voice would tell you: “No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited.”

Q: Should we sit around and wait to submit our demo?

A: No, you shouldn’t. Your demo must be received by 11:59:59 PM (Central Time) on Friday, April 26, 2024.

All set? Great!

Please review our full contest rules before submitting your band’s demo. This promotion’s contest rules are available here or in PDF format here. Click here for our general contest rules. This page and all associated contest rules will be available for viewing until October 14, 2024.